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You Are Blessed

You Are Blessed



 Blue Lace Agate & Natural Pearl


Helichrysum  | Pink Grapefruit | Mandarin   

Full Helichrysum Blossoms 

Our 'You Are Blessed' Coconut Crystal Candle was made in the last hours of daylight on the 2020 Summer Solstice. The gemstones were cleared using copal resin and set with the intention to bless the owner with all the energy and light of this years Litha celebrations and encourage their spirit to bloom for the remainder of the year. The following night these candles laid under the new moon, a time known for planting seeds and starting the growth process. Helichrysum has been used by healers to release negative energy and aid self healing. Whereas Pink Grapefruit and Mandarin will decrease stress, while increasing feelings of joy and high energy. 

This is an intention candle. It is a tool to help guide the thoughts and senses. Each of our Coconut Crystal Candles is ethically made in Canada by the founder and her mother, using only the highest quality ingredients that have been consciously sourced. The vessel of this candle is a natural coconut shell treated with unrefined coconut oil and a non-toxic, biodegradable gold paint. To ensure positive energy in the candle each stone is cleared and then set with the intention of the candle. 

We take pride in our products coming from nature and being able to return to it. Please note that this means each candle varies in size, shape and composition of ingredients.

Burn Time: 55+ Hours

Ingredients: Coconut Shell (Vietnam), Non-GMO Coconut/Soy Wax, Pure Essential Oils, Dried Herbs and Flowers, Crystal, FSC Wooden Wick (USA), Cold-Rolled Steel Clip, Non-Toxic Water-Based Paint

Product is shipped from Pickering, ON Canada in eco-friendly packaging.  Included with product: YATUEI Intention & Ritual Guide, Ingredient List and Information, Safety Warning and Burn Instructions.

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